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Since Middle School, I've been interested in building things, the MAKER movement and vocational education. For over 15 years, I've taken night classes to continuously learn new trades. Here I am at a vocational training center in Arlington, Virginia

TearDrop Camper At MakerFaire.JPG

I designed and built an aluminum teardrop Camper. In this photo, I'm presenting at MakerFaire. The build process is available here. It won second place in an Autodesk Instructables Contest


This is a lamp I designed and manufactured in 2015. My post on garnered over a million views and led a limited production run, which sold out. Photo taken at TinkerMill

Wood Lathe - Practice.JPG

Wood Lathe Work

Charcoal - woman playing pool.JPG

I like to experiment with all sorts of different technology and medium. This is a 3'x5' charcoal drawing that I did.


This is Solid State Depot, the MakerSpace that I used to help run in Boulder, Colorado. In this photo, I am working on an art easel that I designed and built.


Machine Workshop.

Laser Topo Map (2).JPG
Laser Topo Map.JPG

On this project I used open-source GIS data and CAD software to transform topology and elevation data into G-code. I used a laser cutter to cut out shapes from poster board for each land or sea elevation level. Finally, I manually layered them to create maps.

Greeting Card Backpack.JPG
Greeting Card Caribiner 2.JPG
Greeting Card Beer 2.JPG

As many of my friends know, I create personalized greeting cards. I usually make about two dozen different ones a year. Are a couple recent random ones.


Another hobby is restoring vintage American tools to their former glory. Check out this restoration here.


I experiment with additive manufacturing. Here is a 3d Printed 2-Spool turbo-fan aircraft engine I printed.

Woodworking Box Joint Edges.JPG

I machine some of my own tools. Here is a speed square I milled. It is accurate to 0.5/10,000th of an inch or 1/6th the diameter of a human hair.